Choosing the Perfect Steel Mace: Understanding Weight, Length, Knurling, and Design

Steel Mace

The journey towards bodily enlightenment through the art of swinging steel mace and clubs is a transformative experience. In this video, we delve into the key factors to consider when choosing a steel mace that suits your needs and preferences. From weight and length to knurling and design, each aspect plays a crucial role in shaping your swinging experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, understanding these elements will guide you toward the perfect steel mace for your journey.

Steel Mace

Weight Matters:

When purchasing a steel mace, the weight is a critical consideration, especially for beginners. Opting for a mace in the range of four to five kilos is an ideal starting point for most individuals. This weight range allows for open exploration and technique refinement, as the mace’s weight extends approximately a meter away from your hand during use. As technique improves, different types of maces with varying weights become more enticing, offering unique challenges and opportunities for growth.

Exploring Length Options:

The length of a steel mace also plays a significant role in its usability and functionality. Most steel maces have a length of around 105 centimeters to 108 centimeters, which is considered the target length for a standard steel mace or macebell. However, for Gada training, different measurements apply, with the ideal starting length being after 115 centimeters. It is important to note that Gada exercises limit movement in front of the body, making it crucial to choose a mace suitable for your intended exercises and height.

Understanding Knurling:

Knurling refers to the textured grip on the handle of a steel mace. Some maces have heavy knurling, often with a thickness of up to two centimeters, while others may have minimal or no knurling at all. Heavy knurling may lead to discomfort and blisters, especially during extended swinging sessions. While some manufacturers have copied the design of the original mace, it is worth considering the impact of knurling on your swinging experience. A handle with moderate knurling can provide a comfortable grip without sacrificing functionality.

Grip Thickness Matters:

The grip thickness of a steel mace is another essential aspect to consider, as it directly affects how the mace feels during use. Maces with a four-centimeter diameter grip offer a substantial and secure hold, but they may be less suitable for individuals with smaller hands. Some manufacturers now offer maces with a three-centimeter grip, which has been appreciated by women for its better hand fit. The ideal grip thickness depends on personal preferences, with some individuals finding a three-and-a-half-centimeter diameter most comfortable.

Pommel Presence in Steel Mace:

The presence of a pommel at the end of the steel mace handle can impact its usability and safety. A pommel prevents your hand from slipping off the mace during swings, providing a sense of security. While it may not always be a choice in some maces, it is advisable to consider a mace with a pommel for added grip support. However, the size of the pommel should be considered, as an overly large pommel may limit movement by restricting bending of the elbow.

The Beauty of Design:

Design is a subjective aspect of choosing a steel mace, and it can significantly impact your connection with the tool. Wooden handles are increasingly sought after for their essence and energy, offering a different feel compared to steel handles. While custom designs and unique maces are aesthetically pleasing, they may come at a higher price point. For beginners, starting with a standard mace is recommended to ensure you enjoy the practice before investing in custom designs.

Steel Mace

Selecting the perfect steel mace for your swinging journey requires careful consideration of weight, length, knurling, grip thickness, pommel presence, and design. The weight should match your skill level and goals, while the length must cater to the exercises you intend to perform. Understanding the impact of knurling and grip thickness on comfort and usability is essential for a fulfilling experience. Lastly, consider the presence of a pommel for added grip support and the design that resonates with your personal connection to the tool.

By making an informed choice, you can embark on a transformative journey of bodily enlightenment through the art of mace swinging. Remember to explore online courses for beginner foundations and continue to refine your swinging technique. Happy swinging and may you find your flow on this empowering path of steel mace mastery.

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