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Hey you, and welcome to Dutch Flow Academy. The place to learn about flow and swinging clubs and maces.

There’s a new mace introduction workshop coming up in Amsterdam. More information here.

Upcoming USA & Canada Tour. The first events have been released. 

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Multiple online steel mace, heavy club and light club programs from a complete beginner to the most advanced course out there.

Right now Dutch Flow Academy offers nine courses on the mace, aka steel mace or macebell and two courses on clubs. These programs help you develop your skill, creativity, posture, balance, fluidity, strength, conditioning, and a lot more. The courses offer a unique approach to the mace by combining the traditional style of mace swinging with the incredible multitude of exercises that have been discovered in recent times, also known as mace flow or steel mace flow. Be prepared to be challenged in your approach, skill, and thinking. All you need is internet and a mace!

Mamilian Krae
Mamilian Krae@krae.max
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“While I was tempted to skip the traditional series (you know, „come on, I know how to do 360s“, blablabla…), I am honestly glad I didn‘t – I‘ve never tried 360s, figure 8s etc. in all directions and with different pivots before. And I must say: whoa, cool stuff – exactly what I was missing.“
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“I am enjoying the program very much! I find it challenging in new ways. Some of the language and names are different than what I am used to. But it is good to learn new styles and interpretations of the practice. I love how you let your personality come through. I’m about to start the next segment now!“
Georgie Barnes
Georgie Barnes
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A great guide to learn basic and complex movements that break the mould of steel mace workouts and flows.
Sara Bigatti
Sara Bigatti@sara.flowing.wolf
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"Nicely set-up course, detailed explanations! I love how it builds up, especially the workouts combinations. It really focuses on learning the movements first so that when it's time to build the flow you already feel kind of "confident". Highly recommended!"
Doro Appel
Doro Appel@coachdoro
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Beats masterclass was one of the best investments i did this year! I thought I know something about mace training, now I know I knew very little yet probably do. It's like a whole new universe of training possibilities with the mace! The program is very organized with tons of information how to handle the mace regarding moves, directions and pivots. It still blows my mind sometimes and it has a great carryover to my usual mace training - e.g. my technique for heavy swings improved so much although I am basically doing light weight technical training in the masterclass. If you want to bring your mace training to the next level (wherever you start) I highly recommend this program!

Learn to master the Mace kettlebell Clubs


A platform teaching essential skills for rotational training equipment to gain mastery and control over momentum.

Dutch Flow Academy was founded in 2017 with the simple goal of bringing flow and functionality into movement. Harbert became obsessed with the mace, aka steel mace, or macebell, and this led him to pursue the history of the mace by documenting its origins in India. He also taught multiple workshops and reached hundreds of people through his online teachings and steel mace training in Amsterdam. Dutch Flow Academy brings his knowledge to a worldwide platform where you can learn the skill to master and teach rotational training equipment. Our mission is to give you the freedom to move through skill, flow, and creativity.

Mace Flow Workshop

Free the Body Mind

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Freedom of Movement stands for the ability to move whenever you want to or need to. This translates to development in coordination, strength, mobility, and conditioning. We believe skill, creativity and flow will add another dimension to your freedom of movement.

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Skill is about developing coordination and neural pathways. You must be able to control your body to control the tool. Mastering a movement pattern has to be prioritised before weight or complexity.

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Remember when you were a child and movement was exciting? Adding creativity to your movement practice adds the element of play and intellect. We coach and empower you to create your own movement and to play with it as an antidote to all the seriousness.

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Flow in our context can be interpreted in two ways. Flow stands for the flow state that appears when you're fully engaged with what you're doing. Flow also alludes to the seamless transitioning between movements, making the tool an extension of the body.


In theory all sorts of maces would do. In practice, however, we find that a lighter mace is best for learning a new movement. A weight of around 4/5kg or 9-11lbs would be best suited as a light weight. We would also advise a length of a 100cm to 110cm. Shorter maces have a different feeling of momentum to it, and it changes the dynamic of certain exercises. Longer maces will prevent you from doing a lot of exercises due to the immense length of them. So get at least a light mace, even though you think it’s too light. It will be your buddy for a lifetime. 

Right now there are 5 different options to choose from. The spectrum differs from very detailed and advanced to short and beginner.

Mace Beginner Series. This series takes about one hour to complete. It is for the person who has just received their mace and has no clue where to start. Harbert takes you through the basics and you’ll be able to perform your first flow.

Mace Flow 101. A complete series that is perfect for a beginner, but also for the experienced swinger. Why both? It focusses on a complete foundational approach to the mace, and teaches techniques specifically to help you transition with two hands. This course is designed to be a stepping stone for the Mace Masterclass as it builds confidence, knowledge, and skill.

FridayFlow Series. This series is a series of exercises made every week over a timespan of three years. It is great when you need some creativity and depth in your mace knowledge. The course is segmented into exercises and flows, but does not have a structure to it.

6 Week Workout Program. This program teaches you to move with the mace. It starts all the way at the beginning (similar to the mace beginner series) and than increases in complexity every week. It contains three workouts every week and by the end of it you’ll have developed your skill, strength, and conditioning.

Mace Masterclass Series. The most extensive program for the mace (maybe even the most extensive fitness program ever) with more than 8 hours of techniques and teachings. This Masterclass will provide a complete foundation, and structure for you to approach the mace. Not just a bunch of movements, you’ll learn how everything is interconnected and will learn how to start creating on your own from the foundations presented in the course. This course forms the basis of the Dutch Flow Method.

This depends on the course. Some of the courses are specifically designed to start from the beginning. This is usually a good idea because it helps you understand the underlying principles. This is the case for the 6 Week Workout Program and the Mace Beginner Course. For the Masterclass I would suggest doing another course first if you have no experience at all. This course dives deep quite quickly and you will benefit more from having more experience using a mace. The FridayFlow Series is possible with no experience. It provides easy to do exercises that you can incorporate in your own training tool and you can progress slowly from there.
All courses have a lifetime subscription once bought.
No you can not download them directly. In order to have access to the course you will need access to the internet.

Make the tool work for you, let it be an extension of your body


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