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The Revolution of Mace Coaching is here

We're proud to announce the Mace Instructor Certification Course of Dutch Flow Academy. After years of learning, coaching, testing, and applying we are certain that this Certification is going to be the best guide that is available for you to effectively coach your clients how to use a mace.

Training format: Online and In Person
Guide: Harbert Egberts
Next Certification:
- Zevenaar NL, 22-24th of March 2024
- El Puerto ESP, 5-7th of April 2024


The mace has its roots in the oldest strength training traditions known to mankind, fighting and wrestling. As far back as we know civilisation has always known and used some kind of throwing, beating, chopping or slicing tool to use in battle or in the household. And in more recent history specific wooden tools were used with techniques to strengthen warriors and wrestlers. These traditions are still found alive in India and Persia. 15 years ago the mace made of steel was reinvented by the inspiration of the Gada found in India. This has propelled the use and innovation of this tool in a rapid pace and has created a completely new movement in the world. You’re about to set foot in this new revolution of movement with the most advanced training method for the tool.

Dutch Flow Method

Dutch Flow Academy is proud to be part of this revolution. Harbert has been flying all over the world to meet and learn from the best teachers out there and document the history of this amazing tool. Through this process he has been able to create a unique approach to the mace which blends the more traditional style of swinging and going up in weight with the more martial arts style of training also known as mace flow or steel mace flow. This process is the result of years of experimenting, coaching, and learning. The Dutch Flow Method adds a unique blend to how you can approach the mace and in combination with spectacularly detailed coaching cues this instructor training promises to be the most effective and comprehensive mace instructor training ever.

Our mission

As you might know from experience learning the mace is not as easy as it seems and teaching it is a whole other level of complexity. The possibilities of training with a mace are endless and this creates a lot of confusion to the uninitiated mind. Starting from scratch can be a process of trial and error that may take years to master. Dutch Flow Academy is on a journey to spread the awareness and quality of mace training instruction all over the world. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of education to provide flow in your training and in your life. We’re dedicated to empowering our students to become expert instructors, raising the bar of quality coaching in the vast ocean of fitness and health. This will benefit many in their ability to coordinate, move and coach and create a ripple effect that will affect countless individuals.

"Flow is being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz."

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


Three days diving deep with a group of like minded people

Daily breath work and mobility

Two days of Level 1 Mace Instructor coaching of fundamentals, exercises, coaching cues, workouts, warm up and prehap and rehab

Professional support, guidance and instruction.

Access to two previously shot online courses to be completed before the start of the weekend

Online access to the entire certification (the certification will be taped)

DFA Mace Instructor Level 1 Course Syllabus

DFA Mace Instructor Level 1 Certificate

DFA Mace Instructor T-shirt

Two online group meetings after the weekend

The location of the training facility in The Netherlands is Funktional Fitness in Zevenaar. The location for our stay will be released later after signing up.

All you need to is show up at 15:00 and all will be arranged. We will close the certification Sunday around 16:00-17:00.

Training clothes for two days

Warm clothes for the evenings/mornings

Toiletries for two nights




The initial phase of the Mace Instructor Certification Course is done online and before the start of phase 2, the certification weekend. It involves completing two online courses, Mace Flow 101 and Gada – Mace 101. You’ll be required to finish both courses before the start of the certification weekend and send us two videos that will show the effort you’ve put into completing the courses. This is a mandatory step in the process and if not successfully completed you will not be able to join phase 2. The prerequisite online courses will teach you the fundamental movements and ways to approach the mace. The courses and their completion are mandatory because we are looking for dedicated students who will be able to soak in all the information during the certification weekend. Having gone through a process of learning yourself will greatly benefit your ability to pick up knowledge during the weekend. We also believe in that your own skill and understanding should be proficient enough before starting to coach others through the process.

The main part of the certification will be an all inclusive weekend including housing and food and access to the Fitness Church in Zevenaar. All you need to do is come to Zevenaar on the afternoon of Friday and you’ll be sorted until Sunday. The certification starts at 15:00 on Friday and will end around 16:00 on Sunday. During this weekend we’re going to dive deep into the material of the certification course. Two full days of education, exploration, and testing. We will complete the certification with a test that you’ll need to complete before the end of the weekend and before you’ll receive your certificate. During the rest of the weekend we’ll spend time getting to know each other, diving deep into our bodies using breath work and mobility and have an overal fantastic time. The idea of the weekend is to immerse deeply into the course material and have an amazing off-grid experience with a group of people passionate about the exact same thing with the same purpose in mind.

You’re going to leave the weekend with a feeling of having been immersed in a new reality concerning training and knowledge. This feeling, however, is going to fade once you enter your usual day to day routines. To keep the knowledge and the experience intact, we’ll organise two online sessions for the group to ask questions and to bring back some of the experiences. As for the knowledge part, we’re planning to shoot the entire course on tape and professionally edit the certification course for possible online certifications in the future. This tape, once completed, will be available to you as reference material for your future coaching endeavours.

Mace training is a niche that is quickly gaining momentum in the world. Maces are sold out all the time and there is a massive shortage of quality coaching and knowledge. In a fitness world where machines and isolation exercises have gotten the best of us, the mace is a radical tool which requires you to be able to coordinate every part of the body in a synchronised manner to create beautifully effective movement. This video dives deeper into the benefits behind the mace.

Good question. Many coaches just start coaching the mace right off the bat, in fact Harbert has done this himself when he started many years ago. There was little education around and little was known about the mace, its movements, and coaching cues. After one year of coaching and trial and error Harbert did go to the US to learn from the best in the business: Leo Savage, Rik Brown and Onnit. He realised quickly that learning from others can rapidly increase your growth as a practitioner and coach. This was the starting point for him to structure and dissect his own findings with his exploration of mace movements. A few years later the Dutch Flow Method was born and we believe that this method is the essence of the mace. Learning and applying the principles and the foundations will give you a framework to directly apply to your own training and your clients. It will help you understand the movement mechanics, the endless possibilities and will be the opening for you to start applying and creating with the mace. Understanding this method, applying it to your own training and perfecting your technique are just the first steps. Actually coaching someone through the material and knowing when to cue and what cue to use is a whole different animal. This certification is designed to teach you exactly that. With a minimal time period of a month you can internalise and apply the Dutch Flow Method on your clients making sure they move in a technically correct and safe way. You’ll be amazed how quickly you can recognise mistakes and correct them after going through this certification. Harbert has seen it all and is convinced there is nothing like what you can experience during this certification course. This certification is an investment in yourself that will quickly pay itself back through the immense growth you’ll experience as a coach and mover. Simply put: you need this certification.

We believe that this instructor certification course is the most comprehensive and in-depth training that is available for the mace in the entire world. The cutting edge movement science, coaching cues, training methods, and mace foundations delivers something that has not been done before.

The amount of expert instruction and information inside this Level 1 Mace Instructor Certification is simply second to none. We’re deeply passionate and skilled in what we teach, and cannot wait to pass on the torch to you. We’re sure it will impact your life and the life of your clients in a deeply positive way. This is your chance to become part of the first Dutch Flow Academy Level 1 Mace Instructors.

The certification course includes two previously shot online courses including Mace Flow 101 and Gada/Mace 101. Both of these courses need to be completed before the start of the certification weekend. To make sure you’ve understood the online material there will be a few additional tasks that you’ll need to complete, which we will reveal once you’ve signed up for the certification. How much time this will take will depend on your current skill level and how much time you can spend on them in one time. It’s important for us that you’ve invested time with the mace before the start of the weekend. This will rapidly increase your ability to soak up knowledge during the weekend.

You can sign up directly through the website through the links provided on this page. Once payed, the process will start. Paying in instalments can be done in consultation and once successfully arranged this will also start the process immediately.

You’ll receive your certificate at the end of the certification weekend. To be able to receive the certificate you’ll need to have completed the online courses and submissions before the weekend and the assessments during the weekend. When all is in order you will be given your certificate and you can call yourself a certified mace instructor.

Yes, this is a possibility. If you’d be interested in this make sure to either book in a 15 min call or send an email to to discuss the possibilities.

Accommodation and food will be arranged for the entire weekend. The exact location will de communicated with you later on after applying to join the certification. Do take into account that there will be two person bedrooms and that you most likely will have to share a bedroom with another guest. If there are any special requests do consider to email us or book a 15 minute call with Harbert. 


harbert egberts
Harbert Egberts

Harberts life changed dramatically when he reached the age of 21. After a tough breakup he was forced to look deeply at himself for the first time. This altered his state of consciousness as he now shifted from a mindset of scarcity and victimhood to an empowered human being that was able to transform himself through action and discipline. He decided to not pursue his laid out university career and follow his passion instead: personal development, fitness and philosophy. This led him to start Dutch Flow Academy in 2017 and teach people how to move and use unconventional tools for that job. Around that time he discovered the mace and started to train and coach with it. Soon enough he traveled to India and the USA to learn more about this amazing tool and its history. This propelled him on a journey of teaching workshops all around the world, creating online courses, go to India four more times, and now teach the first certification of Dutch Flow Academy. He's now a well known and respected coach in the swinging arts. The journey is still unfolding and he can't wait to have you on board and help spread the art of the mace.

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Play Video about indian clubs workshop

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Interested, but not sure? You can subscribe to the instructor mailinglist to stay updated on the certification and future certifications. This list is for everyone who is thinking about becoming a certified mace coach, now or in the future. You can also book in a 15 min discovery call with Harbert to see if this certification is a match for you. At last you can download the Course Syllabus, which includes a lot of information about the certification.