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Hey you, and welcome to Dutch Flow Academy. The place to learn about flow and swinging clubs and maces.

We’ve got new live events coming up in May!

New Course launch: Heavy Club SIX. Finally, it’s here. The follow-up of Heavy Club 101. It’s on sale for a limited amount of time!

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We offer online courses for five categories: Mace Flow, Gada/Mace, Light Clubs, Heavy Club, and Heavy Clubs.

These courses help you develop your skill, creativity, posture, balance, fluidity, strength, conditioning, coordination, and a lot more. The courses offer a unique approach to the swinging tools by combining the traditional style of swinging traditions with the incredible multitude of swings and transitions that have been discovered in recent times. The course structure and underlying method is similar for each category, which makes it easy to try multiple tools. Be prepared to be challenged in your approach, skill, and thinking. All you need is internet and your tool!

Mamilian Krae
Mamilian Krae@krae.max
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“While I was tempted to skip the traditional series (you know, „come on, I know how to do 360s“, blablabla…), I am honestly glad I didn‘t – I‘ve never tried 360s, figure 8s etc. in all directions and with different pivots before. And I must say: whoa, cool stuff – exactly what I was missing.“
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“I am enjoying the program very much! I find it challenging in new ways. Some of the language and names are different than what I am used to. But it is good to learn new styles and interpretations of the practice. I love how you let your personality come through. I’m about to start the next segment now!“
Georgie Barnes
Georgie Barnes
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A great guide to learn basic and complex movements that break the mould of steel mace workouts and flows.
Sara Bigatti
Sara Bigatti@sara.flowing.wolf
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"Nicely set-up course, detailed explanations! I love how it builds up, especially the workouts combinations. It really focuses on learning the movements first so that when it's time to build the flow you already feel kind of "confident". Highly recommended!"
Doro Appel
Doro Appel@coachdoro
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Beats masterclass was one of the best investments i did this year! I thought I know something about mace training, now I know I knew very little yet probably do. It's like a whole new universe of training possibilities with the mace! The program is very organized with tons of information how to handle the mace regarding moves, directions and pivots. It still blows my mind sometimes and it has a great carryover to my usual mace training - e.g. my technique for heavy swings improved so much although I am basically doing light weight technical training in the masterclass. If you want to bring your mace training to the next level (wherever you start) I highly recommend this program!

Become a Mace Instructor

Mace Instructor Certification

At Dutch Flow Academy we offer an incredibly in depth and detailed certification for the mace. It’s never done before on this level. There’s an in person certification that involves an all inclusive weekend with like minded individuals to learn how to teach and experience what it is to be part of a community. Then there’s an online certification that involves a massive online course with eight other instructors moving through three months of training and guidance with the mace. This certification is for you if you want to become an instructor and teach others, and/or deepen your connection to and knowledge of this amazing tool to the highest level of detail. Don’t hesitate, this course can and has the potential to change lives.

Mace instructor certification

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August 2024

Level 1 Mace Instructor Certification IndiaBecome a Dutch Flow Academy certified mace instructor in Indiafri23aug(aug 23)15:00sun25(aug 25)17:0015:00 - 17:00 (25)(GMT+02:00) View in my time

September 2024

Level 1 Mace Instructor Certification NLAn all inclusive weekend to become a Dutch Flow Academy mace instructor.fri06sep(sep 6)15:00sun08(sep 8)17:0015:00 - 17:00 (8)(GMT+02:00) View in my time


Dutch Flow Academy is a platform that teaches essential skills for rotational training equipment to gain mastery in handling momentum.

The academy was founded in 2017 with the simple goal of bringing flow and functionality into movement. Harbert became obsessed with the mace, aka steel mace or macebell and this led him to discover the clubs too. He pursued many travels to India to reveal the history and has met countless inspiring teachers all over the world.

Dutch Flow Academy brings his knowledge to a worldwide platform where you can learn the skill to master and teach rotational training equipment. Our mission is to give you the freedom to move through skill, flow, and creativity.

FAQ Dutch Flow Academy

Mace Flow: In theory all sorts of maces would do. In practice, however, we find that a lighter mace is best for learning a new movement. A weight of around 4/5kg or 9-11lbs would be best suited as a light weight. We would also advise a length of a 100cm to 110cm. Shorter maces have a different feeling of momentum to it, and it changes the dynamic of certain exercises. Longer maces will prevent you from doing a lot of exercises due to the immense length of them. So get at least a light mace, even though you think it’s too light. It will be your buddy for a lifetime. 

Gada/Mace: Here the recommended weight is 6-7kg or 14-16lbs. If you’ve got some experience with the mace already, you can use a heavier mace too. The length can be from 105cm – 130cm. 

Light Clubs: Choose relatively light clubs. 0.5kg-1kg as a beginner pair. They’re usually sold as Indian Clubs.

Heavy Club: Choose a club between 5-6kg. This club should also be suitable for single arm swings.

Heavy Clubs: A pair of clubs between 2.5-4kg for each club is a good beginner weight. Don’t underestimate how hard it is to balance two weights at the same time.

There are five different categories on Dutch Flow Academy: Mace Flow, Gada/Mace, Light Clubs, Heavy Club and Heavy Clubs. All of the categories have a 101 course. This is the course to start your journey with the tool and with Dutch Flow Academy. Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced, the 101’s will improve your basics. The basics form the root for everything that is more complex.

Secondly, there is a SIX course, which is the follow up after the 101. This is a six week workout course structure, which allows you to have three workouts per week. This usually takes longer to complete than just six weeks. 

Furthermore there are add on courses and more complex courses like SIX level 2 or a masterclass. This takes the tool and your capability to its maximum capability.

There are five categories of swinging tools for which we provide online courses and live events.

Mace Flow: this category focusses on lighter maces with transitions and flows. A regular steel mace or macebell is required, which allows for a multitude of transitions and flows.

Gada/Mace: This series is more traditional and is eligible for all types of maces. Long and heavy maces can only be used for this categorie.

Light Clubs: also known as indian clubs, this category focusses on light clubs (0.5-2kg) which allows for more limb independence coordination and wrist and shoulder strength.

Heavy Club: for all clubs, wood or steel, that allows two hands to be on the handle. The heavy club allows for more static strength and less momentum.

Heavy Clubs: two heavy clubs or meels to practice limb independence and insane grip and shoulder strength. Coordination and heavier weights make this a challenging category!

This depends on the course. The 101’s do not need prior experience. The SIX courses can be done without the 101, but will require some prior experience before starting. The masterclass needs prior experience and ideally mace flow 101 and mace flow SIX before starting.

All courses have a lifetime subscription once bought.
No you can not download them directly. In order to have access to the course you will need access to the internet.

Free the Body Mind

Rens HaenRens Haen
20:07 19 May 24
Workshop was fun! Learned a lot! Looking forward to practice a lot more!
Bhaskar EswaranBhaskar Eswaran
18:03 10 Apr 24
An amazing 3 day experience. Truly transformational. I am glad I made the effort to fly from Australia to attend. The learning, support and friendships formed have potential to make a lifelong difference. I am humbled and thrilled to belong to the Dutch Flow Academy community of Mace Instructors.
Lars ChristiansenLars Christiansen
16:23 10 Apr 24
An experience that can change your life. Not only is the training with the Mace taught here in a depth that is otherwise hard to achieve, the entire certification course is an enriching experience. Harbert is a very competent trainer and his knowledge of the Mace is unique. He is also an exceptional person who brought the group together in such a short time. A bond was created that can last a lifetime. I look forward to further events with him.
Niklas HaapaloNiklas Haapalo
15:39 10 Apr 24
Attended a workshop in Amsterdam - in just three hours, understanding, practical application and Harbert's unique approach to the mace was excellently taught. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an introduction swinging a mace.UPDATE MACE CERTIFICATION 2024: During a weekend in March I completed the Mace Certification created by Harbert Egberts (Dutch Flow Academy). These three days were transformative in many ways. First of all the certification content, information and guidance were top quality - Harbert really is a Master of his craft and he is equally capable of teaching it to others. His love for this humble yet amazing tool is obvious and so is his willingness to pass it on. For this alone the course was and is worth the travel and has added a solid foundation for my continued mace journey (personally and as an instructor)But there is so much more you will receive: Terrific meal times (the food is excellent) and enjoyable evenings shared with the other participants (if your abdominals are not cramping after the training they will do caused by laughter). Besides laughter and good times all participants brought different views and experiences making it a very inspirational atmosphere and I left with, not only a diploma, but also new friends (Brothers in Mace😉)All this put together turned three days in Holland into something special and a moment in time I will remember - and this is thanks to Harbert!Whole heartedly recommended and look forward to continue the journey with Dutch Flow Academy.With gratitude - Niklas Haapalo, Osteopath and Physiotherapist
Franz NavasFranz Navas
09:54 02 Apr 24
One of the best experience of my life, Harbert is a very competent instructor and also a very special person that can connect people from all over the world and make them feel a family in seconds. I can't wait to attend another workshop and certification with him.
Sajan MelcherSajan Melcher
04:44 17 Mar 24
Each Course is beautifully structured to digest piece by piece. Divided and Organized into isolated movements to cultivate skill, freedom of movement, creativity in arranging your own flows, and full Flow sequences rooted in foundational movements from the ground up. And lays a strong foundation for a daily practice and a process-oriented approach.
Christopher EricksonChristopher Erickson
17:58 11 Mar 24
Great experience. My training previous to the workshop was limited to heavy maces and clubs. The light club work surprised me with the increased mobility gained during the short practice and the guidance toward light mace flow has introduced me to another method of implementation for one of my favorite tools. Fully intend on continuing the light club and mace flow journey.
Treintje JanTreintje Jan
16:15 11 Mar 24
I had become acquainted with Indian Clubs and the Mace through social media. I enjoyed it so much that I looked for an instructor, because I couldn't figure it out using videos alone. That's when I ended up at Harbert's. Because I couldn't wait for the workshop, I took the online course first. And then the life workshop. Harbert teaches very nicely and clearly. He managed to get my confused head to send the right signals to my arms and legs. I am completely happy and will definitely continue with this fun sport, with Harbert.
McStanley FitnessMcStanley Fitness
05:20 25 Dec 23
Very good workshop, coach Harbert and Santi are nice, patient and clear instructionReally enjoy the workshop
Michael LoMichael Lo
00:50 25 Dec 23
This is amazing.
Derek MelcherDerek Melcher
04:51 28 Nov 23
I was totally surprised at all the amazing benefits this practice has to offer! This is something all people should give a try whether a man, woman, young or old. This ancient practice is truly a hidden gem here in the states. I can’t believe I wasn’t exposed to it earlier in life - I know it would have helped me on multiple levels. These Instructors are legit and A+ professionals i.e. provide proper warmup, step by step instruction and great cues on technique! I’d recommend this for nearly anyone that wants to better themselves! The practice may offer rehabilitative benefits for you and compliments any sporting endeavor! Unlike CrossFit and other exercise methods, reported injuries are relative few. The proper movement practice has little stress on the joints as it utilizes natural elements such as gravity, momentum, inertia, leveraging and so forth. The Gada/Mace, esp with these great instructors, can unite you with a fun, effective, and unique ancient practice that will promote your overall health and well-being!!
Christina PapaChristina Papa
02:01 28 Nov 23
I attended the mace and clubs workshop in Toronto. I really enjoyed it. As a beginner I found it easy to follow. Both Harbert and Santi gave really clear direction and took their time going around helping everyone practice their swings. Really great experience. Highly recommend it.
Paul SawhPaul Sawh
00:26 28 Nov 23
Just a shout out to Dutch Flow Academy! I just finished the Club and Mace training with Harbert. It was a fantastic experience and a great introduction for me to the Club and Mace. Harbert is a very patient instructor and he really knows these implements really well. His assistant Santiago was also very helpful and showed me details about the correct technique. Overall, a great experience. It is a great start and I am training daily now.thanks guys!Paul Sawh
00:08 28 Nov 23
Attended the Toronto workshop, and must say the amount of knowledge shared with us was a whole lot. What makes it unique is that Harbert has a unique practice and teaches the mace within that context; He also has a unique personality, and surprised me by being able to memorize everyone’s name from the very start. A big plus for him being such a free spirit!Would I recommend this? Definitely!
Queen of Hearts K3Queen of Hearts K3
21:38 27 Nov 23
Absolutely worth every penny! Harbert and Santi know what they are doing and have really broken down the science to moving with a mace in such an easy and digestible way. I was afraid of not being able to keep up when I signed up for this workshop and ended up doing moves that I have never done before! I found my flow and look forward to catching another workshop in the future.
Barbara OczujdaBarbara Oczujda
07:08 11 Jul 23
I had a lot of fun during the macebell workshop and of course I have learned how to swing properly and even got a bit of a flow 😉 It was worth coming all the way from Germany and I am planning to join some more workshops in the future. If you are a total newbie with those kind of exercises or maybe you know something about it - I would still recommend you to try it under the Dutch Flow Academy! 💪

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