Mace Flow 101

Harbert Egberts · 12/08/2021

Welcome to the Mace Flow 101 course. The course is designed to teach you the basics of swinging a mace with two hands and start to understand the concept of combining exercises into a flow, aka a sequence or complex of movements. What this course will bring you is a solid foundation in learning and understanding how to swing a mace around and the ability to stop the mace from moving around. This is the balance between chaos and order when creating momentum.

The course will teach you how to perfect the most fundamental movement of the mace, the figure eight. This is a combination between the front 360 and the back 360. This course will also teach you two important moves that focus on creating tension with the mace from momentum, a curl and a press. From there we’ll explore how to apply the foundations of the Dutch Flow Method to these exercises using transitions to switch between positions and grips. We’ll also add leg movements to the exercises to finish with a combination of everything that is taught in the course, the infinity cross flow. Completing the final flow will ensure you that you’ve mastered everything that you learned in the 101 course. 

Difficulty. This might be called a 101 course, but this does not mean it will not be challenging. Even if you have technical understanding of the particular exercises already, this program will challenge you in your understanding of the details of the moves taught. Learning how to swing a mace is difficult, it’s not something you are able to do right out of the bat. It’s a skill you need to master. This course will build the foundation, the roots, of your mace practice to a significant depth. Having this understanding will be of tremendous help in moving forward and extending your personal library of movements. It will also give you a thorough experience of combining movements and this will help you in your ability to create with the mace, to flow with the mace so to speak. This is to say that this 101 course is perfect for the person who just got a mace, and for the person who has experience and skill but lacks a proper foundation and understanding from where to build his own flows. For both the beginner and the more experienced swinger the movements and necessary repetitions will be challenging as you’ve never encountered the combination of these movements before.

The length of the course depends on the current level of the practitioner and his/her ability to learn and apply new movements. The length of the course is about two hours, but it is not recommended to watch and try all the videos at once. We’ll discuss multiple versions You’ll need to repeat the movements a certain amount of time before moving on and this is also necessary for you to be able to be ready for the next video. For the beginner one video a time will be a good aim, and for the more experienced swinger two videos at a time will do. So the estimated time frame of this course is between one and two weeks. 

Requirements. What you’ll need for this course is a mace of 4/5kg or 9/10lbs and a wooden stick for the mobility routine. Why such a low weight you might be asking yourself? Because you’re learning a new skill. This course is doable with weights beyond 12kg, but that only opens up after having mastered the skill. And this is very hard with a mace heavier than 4/5kg.

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Dec 22, 2021
Not just for beginners

Fantastic course! I’m not new to maces and know my way around fairly well. Being self taught there’s a lot of foundation I never covered and this course really ties it all together. Body mechanics, transitions, and fundamentals all broken down in a way that’s easy to understand and implement. It doesn’t just teach the basics, it also gives the building blocks for more complicated movements. Whether you’re new to maces or not, I highly recommend this course

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