7 Day 360 Masterclass

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Welcome to the 7 Day 360 Masterclass. This series is designed to be your jumping start in the world of the mace. The 360 is one of the most unique and iconic exercise of the mace and it needs be in your skillset when you have a mace.

Benefits. The 360 swing simulates a throwing movement that requires all the muscles in your upper body and core to activate. It has been the shoulder cure for a lot of people and it will give you bulletproof shoulders when practiced regularly. This is the best 360 course in the world, so do not hesitate. The 360, however, does not prove to be an easy exercise to learn. It requires swinging a weighted metal stick behind your back. This Masterclass is a revolutionary approach to get you to master the 360 in small bits. Every day will teach you a new aspect of the swing and allows you to progress every day towards mastery.

Difficulty. As a basic introductory course, this is stated to be a beginner course. However, do take into consideration that the 360 is not the easiest swing to learn. That’s why we break down the Front 360 in Mace Flow 101 to introduce you to momentum. We have broken the swing down into multiple parts and everyone should be able to approach this swing through this course. Important detail is that the weight of the mace should be low. This course is also great for more advanced practitioners as we go deep into the material of what a 360 consists of.

Requirements. What is required for this course is a mace. You’ll need a mace of around 4 to 5kg or 10lbs. This is a requirement for safety as the weight should not be underestimated. 6kg is a lot of weight for a beginner, so don’t start off too heavy. Furthermore you’ll need access to internet to gain access to the videos.

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