Light Clubs Masterclass

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Welcome to the Light Clubs Masterclass. Combining both Light Clubs 101 and Light Clubs SIX for those who are serious about developing their ability to swing Indian Clubs.

About Light Clubs 101

Light Clubs 101 is the foundation course for light clubs. People tend to struggle when tackling the more complex movements and swings with Indian clubs. It requires quite a lot of coordination, and skill to handle two clubs. Light clubs 101 will set the roots of the practice firmly without overcomplicating things. In this course we’ll break down the key movements like the Front Circle and the Heart Shape Swing as much as possible to help you understand the dynamics of each swing. The course will make the distinction between crossing and parallel swings and you’ll apply this to the swings learned in the course. Finally you’ll learn an easy way to transition between the swings and create your first flow with light clubs. About Light Clubs SIX In six weeks you’re going expand your knowledge, skill, and physical capability using Light Clubs. It takes off where Light Clubs 101 finished. In the first two weeks there will be extra attention to the heart shape swing in crossing and parallel form plus we’ll add more complex transitions to transition between these swings. In the following weeks we’ll add more complexity with Wrist Circles and asynchronous swings. You’ll learn these in depth and how to transition between each of them using flows. Light Clubs SIX shows you what you really need to know when it comes to Indian Clubs. It sets the core foundation and understanding of your practice and this will be your stepping stone towards mastery of light clubs.


All you need is a pair of Light Clubs aka Indian Clubs and the internet to access and learn from this course. We would recommend wooden clubs with a weight of 0.5-1.2kg. Learning a new skill always works better with a lighter weight.

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