Light Clubs 101

Welcome to Light Clubs 101. It’s here, the foundation course to swing light clubs. Inspired by the light clubs traditions that started in the United Kingdom which was inspired by the heavier clubs found in India they are also known as Indian Clubs.


About. In eleven videos we’re going expand your knowledge, skill, and physical capability greatly with the use of two light clubs. The aim of this course is to make you understand and perform the main exercises possible when wielding two clubs at the same time. It requires quite a lot of coordination, and skill to handle two clubs at the same time and this course will make you able to perform them in a safe way and will create a solid foundation for you to improve in weight, and complexity. You’re going to learn about crossing and parallel swinging directions and how to combine them in flows.

Benefits. Light Clubs 101 will greatly improve your ability to swing a heavy club with two hands. It will build up the coordination in combination with the endurance to swing clubs technically correct and for a long time. Furthermore it will also teach you how to combine swings into movement patterns (flows). As you go through the course you’ll gain a deeper understanding of mobility and posture while performing static and dynamic exercises. Swinging two clubs is very different compared to a machine lift in the gym and will challenge your entire body to function properly. Light Club swinging will strengthen and mobilise your entire arm and shoulder.

Difficulty. It’s a 101 course, which means it’s basically an introduction/beginner course. It starts all the way at the beginning of the light clubs journey. However, you will not just learn a few movement patterns. You will also learn how to combine movements through transitions on a basic level. Usually people gravitate too quickly towards complex movement patterns. This course will force you to focus on the absolute basics to master them through a lot of drills. You will not be where you where when you started the course, that’s for sure. This course is vital before attempting more difficult programs or exercises as it will build a solid foundation of strength, coordination, endurance and understanding for swinging Light Clubs.

Length. Every video as a certain amount of reps that are needed to be performed before moving onwards. You can see every video as a single workout in and of itself. Some will complete it within 1-2 weeks if they’re eager and learn quickly. Others might take 2-3 weeks depending on the willingness to push through and their basic level of coordination.

Requirements. All you need is access to the internet and two light clubs. We would advise two clubs of a weight between 0.5kg and 1kg. It can be made of wood, plastic/water or steel. They are usually sold as Indian Clubs, Pahlavandles, or steel clubs. It sounds like a small amount of weight, but don’t underestimate this practice. It can be brutal on the shoulders!

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Difficulty: Beginner


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Difficulty: Beginner