Gada/Mace 101

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Gada / Mace 101 will greatly improve your ability to swing a heavy mace or gada. It will build up the coordination in combination with the endurance to swing maces technically correct and for a long time. Furthermore, it will also teach you how to combine swings into movement patterns (flows). As you go through the course you’ll gain a deeper understanding of mobility and posture while performing static and dynamic exercises.



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Welcome to Gada / Mace 101. It’s here, the foundation course to swing a Gada or Mace. This course is specifically designed to suit heavier, longer maces. This course is the key building block for anyone who wants to learn how to swing a gada or mace.

About. In twelve videos we’re going expand your knowledge, skill, and physical capability greatly with the use of the gada / mace. It requires quite a lot of coordination, and skill to handle a heavier mace and this course will make you able to perform the movements in a safe way and will create a solid foundation for you to improve in weight, and complexity. This course starts with movements that are inspired by India and adds structure and legs to this foundation to activate the entire body. At the end of the course you’ll learn how to combine all the exercises that you’ve learned into a flow.


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