Gada / Mace 101

Welcome to Gada / Mace 101. It’s here, the foundation course to swing a Gada or Mace. This course is specifically designed to suit heavier, longer maces. This course is the key building block for anyone who wants to learn how to swing a gada or mace.

About. In twelve videos we’re going expand your knowledge, skill, and physical capability greatly with the use of the gada / mace. It requires quite a lot of coordination, and skill to handle a heavier mace and this course will make you able to perform the movements in a safe way and will create a solid foundation for you to improve in weight, and complexity. This course starts with movements that are inspired by India and adds structure and legs to this foundation to activate the entire body. At the end of the course you’ll learn how to combine all the exercises that you’ve learned into a flow.

Benefits. Gada / Mace 101 will greatly improve your ability to swing a heavy mace or gada. It will build up the coordination in combination with the endurance to swing maces technically correct and for a long time. Furthermore it will also teach you how to combine swings into movement patterns (flows). As you go through the course you’ll gain a deeper understanding of mobility and posture while performing static and dynamic exercises. Swinging a gada is very different compared to a machine lift in the gym and will challenge your entire body to function properly. You will also learn a unique tempo system that will add a new edge to your training routine.

Difficulty. It’s a 101 course, which means it’s basically an introduction/beginner course. It starts all the way at the beginning of the gada / mace journey. However, you will not just learn a few movement patterns. You will also learn how to combine movements through transitions on a basic level. Usually people gravitate too quickly towards complex movement patterns. This course will force you to focus on the absolute basics to master them through a lot of drills. You will not be where you where when you started the course, that’s for sure. This course is vital before attempting more difficult programs or exercises as it will build a solid foundation of strength, coordination, endurance and understanding for swinging a Gada / Mace.

Length. Every video as a certain amount of reps that are needed to be performed before moving onwards. You can see every video as a single workout in and of itself. Some will complete it within 1-2 weeks if they’re eager and learn quickly. Others might take 2-3 weeks depending on the willingness to push through and their basic level of coordination.

Requirements. All you need is a gada / mace and the internet the access and learn from this course. We would recommend a gada / mace without knurling as we will perform sliding exercises. As far as the weight goes we would recommend a gada / mace not too heavy. Learning a new skill always works better with lighter weight.

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Rob Floris
Oct 23, 2022
Finally structure and direction with online courses (and live workshops) of the Flowing Dutchman!

Wow, I really liked the fluid build-up this program provided. After attending the physical workshop this was a great reminder of everything we did, and now I can always check things I’m not completely certain about. Thank you for giving structure and direction in handling the great training tool the mace is.

Oct 20, 2022

This course is off the hook! Super quality and Harbert is a excelent coach.


  1. Great course, great teacher! I really like the way it buildups along the way… can’t wait for the certification. Bam!!!

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Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner