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Harbert · 06/21/2022

Welcome to Mace Flow SIX. After a lot of requests after the popularity of the 6 Week Workout Program there is now a new six week workout program for the mace: Mace Flow SIX level 1. This is the first course in the SIX series, which will roll out over time.

About. This workout program involves six weeks/stages that each include three workouts. In these workouts we’ll introduce six new exercises each first workout. In the second workout we’ll combine three of the exercises in small flows. In the last workout of the week we’ll combine everything learned in the first two workouts/weeks. The program is a progressive system that will gradually build as you go, to help you get acquainted with the mace and get you in phenomenal shape. The flows are new and unique and the underlying principles are based on the Dutch Flow Method. This means we’ll work on the different positions of the mace and multiple directions/planes that the momentum can move towards.

Benefits. This course will make drastically improve your ability to swing a mace. It will teach you how to not only perform singular movements, but will also teach you have to transition between movements and perform large flows. Improve strength, conditioning, mobility, coordination, and posture while learning a new skill. You will also be challenged mentally as the level of complexity keeps on increasing requiring you to stay 100% focussed. Finally you’ll discover how exciting it can be to move a mace around and improve your skills.

Difficulty. It is a level 1 course, which means that the exercises in the first weeks will be appropriate for beginners. The course progresses throughout the six weeks to an intermediate level of skill. If you’re doubting your current ability or have no experience with the mace at all we’d recommend to start with Mace Flow 101.

Length. The name of the course says it all, SIX weeks. However, we’d advise to only progress to the next workout when feeling completely competent after a workout. The course is a progressive system, which means every workout builds upon the latter. If you’re not able to free enough time to workout three times a week you can also spread out the workouts over a longer period. In this way the course will be

Requirements. For this course you’ll need a mace of relatively light weight. This means 4/5/6kg maximum depending on your experience with the mace, level of coordination, and your strength. You will be surprised how heavy a light mace will feel during these workouts. A light mace will also give you the ability to dial down and perfect your technique. Furthermore you’ll need internet to access the videos and enough space around you to complete the workouts.

Included. After accessing the course you’ll get immediate access to all the videos that are included in Mace Flow SIX. You’ll also get access to the accompanied PDF that is included.

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