The Flowing Dutchman 6 Week Workout Program


Welcome to the 6 Week Workout Program. This program is a Mace Flow workout program and an educational series in one! The program is a unique combination between developing your skills with the Mace, working out at the same time, and learning how to create flows.

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Description of the program: It’s divided into 6 weeks/stages designed to start at beginner level and end in advanced level. Due to the vast variety of possible exercises this program focuses on key exercises that are useful for every stage in the development of skill with a mace. You will combine those exercises and eventually creating a movement pattern (flow) from them.

This course is professionally shot, and edited by a camera team. In every video there is an instructor and a student. The exercises/flows are explained in detail with no time restrictions. The course comes with detailed written explanations and pictures of every lesson.

There is no time limit on the course, once you’ve purchased it, you can go back to it every time.

Length of the program: 6 weeks, but think of it as stages. You can proceed to the next stage whenever you feel ready.

Difficulty of the program: Beginner to Advanced. The program starts with the basics of mace flow, and gradually becomes more complex as you progress in the program. Everyone is capable to join. When you’ve finished the program and done every rep that is prescribed I guarantee you that you will have become a strong, conditioned Badass Mace Artist. 

What others have to say:

“I started the program today, workout #1 in the books. Absolutely terrific – well detailed instruction, and quality production. I feel great and I’m looking forward to the next session.”

“Signed up for the online course last week and doing week 1 now, enjoying learning all the details behind every move! Great course with great detail instructions, I especially love the stretching exercises that you need to do at the beginning of every workout, really loosen all the tight muscles.”

“This is the best workout program I’ve ever done. I’ve had a mace for a while and been doing some beginner to immediate moves and mainly messing around. But after completing this course I feel like I’ve improved SO much. The best thing about this course how it’s structured.”

“You (Harbert) are totally rocking it on the content bro. I just finished up week 3 of the 6 week course and have already added so many moves to my arsenal that previously I couldn’t get down.”

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 weeks

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor

6 Week Online Workout Program

The Flowing Dutchman 6 Week Workout Program. Video series along with guided descriptions and pictures.


Introduction & Principles


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

What Others Have Said

Apr 26, 2022
Best steel mace program out there!

I have tried almost every steel mace program I could find. I would say all of them have been good but this one is head and shoulders above them all. Every workout is completely different and the complexity clearly increases with each workout. The weekly schedule makes so much sense. By the time you get to the flow workouts you are ready to go. It is extremely satisfying that my form and my FLOW improve round by round. The program is educational as well as fun and runs as a sort of workshop/workout program. The coaching is great and the instructor clearly has an incredible passion and knowledge for the mace. He communicates this passion and knowledge really well. I would definitely recommend this program.

Jean Castillo
Feb 19, 2022
The best program ever

Me and my sitter completed the program, and we are going to start it for third time, this is one of the best program that guide you step by step and later you connect and flow with your mace, I do rock climbing and this program helped me to improve and achieve my projects outdoors and indoors climbing.

Sara Bigatti
Feb 3, 2021

Nicely set-up course, detailed explanations! I love how it builds up, especially the workouts combinations. It really focuses on learning the movements first so that when it's time to build the flow you already feel kind of "confident". Highly recommended!

Jan 21, 2021
Impressing course

By: John Jacobs I was looking for a training course where I could improve my skills with the MACE. On the internet I came across The Flowing Dutchman. I then got to Harbet and he asked me what my goal was and then started the 6 week course. I am now at the end of week 3 and addicted to training and practicing with the MACE. A clear course in which all movements, positions are clearly explained and you can follow well. I can only recommend this if you really want to become one with your MACE. Crush and Pull, Crush and Pull and your muscles will burn :):)

Jonathan Kaufman
Aug 20, 2020
The best investment I've made in years!

I'm a personal trainer of thirty years. I thought I'd seen and tried it all, but then I picked up a mace and "wow" I can't imagine how I ever trained without one. When I discover something new, especially exercise related, I immediately want to invest my time and energy into learning and mastering it. Finding quality instruction that works for me is always a problem, I MEAN ALWAYS, but when I saw @the.flowing.dutchman on Instagram, and how smooth his mace flow is, and how well he communicated the moves the he makes look so easy, I was hooked! A live workshop would be great, and I'll easily travel to A'dam to train as much as I can with Harbert in the future, but the video course FH has produced is beyond expected! The videos are, abundant for the price, detailed, professional quality and the sound is perfect. The instruction is concise, clear and interesting. I'm never board and can't wait for the next lesson! I'm highly impressed by FH and you will be too if you know what true quality is!

+195 enrolled

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 weeks

Difficulty: Beginner