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Welcome to the Mace Masterclass Series. These series are a deep dive into what’s possible with a mace. If you’re familiar with the mace, you’ll know that there are a lot of possibilities to move with a mace. These series are an attempt to capture the gist of the mace, which is based around momentum. This Gist is discussed in the first Series, the Foundations. After going through the Foundations you’re able to progress to any one of the series, which all have a main theme. Some focus on a way of moving with the mace, some on a specific direction, and some on a particular grip.

Description. This program is divided into 6 Series:

  1. Foundations: The gist of the mace, the foundations that all other series sprout from. You will have to go through the Foundations before starting any of the other series. Learn the fundamental guidelines and philosophy of the mace. Learn how to pivot and how to lunge.
  2. Traditional Series: Focusses on more traditional style swings at the end of the handle of the mace. In this series we’ll discuss multiple variations with one or two hands that grip the mace at the end of the handle, Position 1. Don’t be fooled, it might be called traditional, but you’ll encounter plenty of new swings and variations in this Series.
  3. Modern Series: Delves deep into Position 2, and 3 of the mace, exploring many possibilities and crossovers with Series 1. This means holding the mace not at the bottom, but in the middle and close to the globe of the mace. We’ll transfer skills learned in the first Series to this Series.
  4. Dagger Grip Series: Focusses solely on the Dagger Grip and all of its variations. The Dagger Grip means holding the mace with your thumb away from the globe. This is a completely new segment in mace flow and will blow your mind.
  5. Whirlwind Series: Defy gravity with Series 5. Focusses on direction 3, everything that moves around the body. The transverse plane means that the momentum of the mace moves around the body instead of aligned with your feet.
  6. Cradle Grip and Dagger Grip Series: In the last series we’ll focus on the Cradle Grip and the Sword Grip. This Series uses some of the movements from the prior Series and combines them with the Cradle, and Sword Grip. These are advanced grips, but oh so much fun once mastered. It is advised to go through the prior series before trying this one.

The program is geared towards building a solid structure with a lot of key moves to prove this point. It’s meant as a guide along your journey towards mastery of the mace. This means that you will not be able to complete every one of the exercises the first time you watch them. Every video about an exercise starts simple and becomes complex as the video progresses. It is therefore not a program that requires you to finish a particular movement, before progressing to the next. This also allows you to skip any move that seems out of reach at the moment.

Difficulty. It is not necessary to complete any other mace program before starting the Mace Masterclass. There is, however, no restraint in difficulty in this program. So it’s to be expected that not every move you go fluently the first time you practice it. Mastery of the Mace requires disciplined practice, and this program is a guide along that journey.

Length. The program has no time limit. This means you’ll always be able to come back to it, to give you a new insight or movement. The course has eight hours of material, and the videos (apart from the Foundations) can bee viewed separately from each other.

I am enjoying the program very much! I find it challenging in new ways. Some of the language and names are different than what I am used to. But it is good to learn new styles and interpretations of the practice.  I love how you let your personality come through. I’m about to start the next segment now!

Kristin @diaryofafitnessjourney

While I was tempted to skip the traditional series (you know, „come on, I know how to do 360s“, blablabla…), I am honestly glad I didn‘t – I‘ve never tried 360s, figure 8s etc. in all directions and with different pivots before. And I must say: whoa, cool stuff – exactly what I was missing.

Maximilian @krae.max

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Difficulty: Advanced


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Series 1 | Foundations

Series 2 | Traditional Series

Series 3 | Modern Series

Series 4 | Dagger Series

Series 5 | Whirlwind Series

Series 6 | Sword & Cradle Series

What Others Have Said

May 9, 2022

I want to thank you for what you do Harbert. Doing the MACE MASTERCLASS course has been a before and after on my way with the steel mace. The course is super complete, starting from the most basic and perhaps the most important, because understanding the basis of what you are doing is precisely what will help you climb to the next level. Harbert explains perfectly in which planes the mace should move, what are the different grips and where your hips should go. , among many other things. If before I was able to practice flows half an hour, now I can be two because by doing the movements with the right technique we avoid injuries and do not fatigue the body unnecessarily. Brutal course, I recommend 100%. Thank you very much again Harbert, you are a crack.

Apr 27, 2022

This program is highly recommended. Harbert has laid out a comprehensive and thorough curriculum, it is clear the man has put in thousands of hours with the mace. I am a martial artist, and I find the mace develops striking power as it helps the practitioner find and embody the critical balance between tension and relaxation. I also teach meditation, and I find Harbert's sequences to be gateways into peak meditative states. Breath, body, mind, spirit, heart - flow. All connected. This course is powerful! For years I was just "figuring out" the mace by playing with it and letting it teach me. But I knew if I really wanted to understand the implement, I should take a course with a master. I am very happy I pulled the trigger on this purchase. I love swinging with the Dutchman and you will too! Michael Holt

Rodrigo Nakasone
Feb 26, 2022
Really great material!

Coach Harbert is an expert in making what's hard, simple. Many of the exercises that I thought I knew were put under a different lens by thinking about them in terms of landmarks, directions and positions. It really helps tremendously to help your own exploration practice. If steel mace flowing is what you are after, you are definitely in the right place. This is by far the best source for steel mace exercises I have seen in my life. Can't wait to check out series 7-9!!

Feb 22, 2022
Epic fun packed with wisdom!

Big up Harbert! You get a real sense of the mastery and wisdom Harbert possesses through his short, informative and to-the-point demo's and lessons. Since starting the Mace Masterclass Series my own practice has improved dramatically. I've been able to learn new exercises quickly and progressively, without injury or trouble. Harbert's energy is infectious and the positivity goes along way in the learning journey. I've been raving about this since starting! Charlie @master.movement

Maximilian Krae
Feb 21, 2022
The harder, but ultimately much more rewarding way to „mastery“

I‘ve always ben a big admirer of Harbert‘s steel mace flows. While there are many other great mace artists out there, many have a more melancholy, „darker“ flow style. Not so Harbert - he just radiates fun and positive energy, making the mace flow look almost like effortless juggling instead of working out. The Masterclass turned out to be a very comprehensive guide to the different types of moving the mace, with an emphasis on pivots, directions and grip variations. That a the big difference compared to many other mace courses out there: You do not follow guided flows, you learn the tools to build your own flows. Compare this to cooking: You‘re not presented with a number of preset recipes to follow for a tasty meal - you learn how to use and combines the different ingredients, spices and flavors in order to create your own recipes. Yes, this is probably the „harder“ way to learn - but ultimately, it‘s much more rewarding.


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  1. A masterpiece accessible to all,
    I discovered the maces a few months ago when I stumbled across one of Harbert YouTube video. This video changed my life. I went on to purchase my first mace and registered to the Mace Masterclass.
    The Masterclass series has been nothing short of motivating and inspirational. In just a few weeks, I have learned a lot and can’t wait to continue progressing in the art of mace training/flow. The quality of the lessons and teaching is outstanding. For someone new to maces, the sequence is also extremely well designed, allowing for a continuous progression, building on the bases established in previous courses of the series. The courses allow me to discover an infinite number of new movements, combinations, and complexities.
    The Mace Masterclass allows me to see beyond the sport of mace training, allowing the exploration of the mace as an expression of creativity, and a fantastic evasion and relaxation. I would recommend it to anyone interested in exploring what is possible with maces.

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Course Information

Difficulty: Advanced