Online Courses

Functional Harbeats has online courses you can enroll in. Specialized in the mace, we’ve got multiple courses you can take. Full programs, beginner programs and advanced programs. If you want to learn the mace with online having to open your laptop, this is what you want to get.

The 6 Week Workout Program is now available! Check it out in the link.

Mace Workshops

Functional Harbeats is very passionate about the mace. Harbert is a triple-certified mace coach and has been training clients with the mace for over three years now. He is ready to spread the word and the knowledge he has acquired. 

The Flowing Dutchman is coming to the USA. There will be workshops in New Jersey, Austin TX, and Los Angeles. Learn more about upcoming workshops.

the flowing dutchman

Group Training

Functional Harbeats takes a unique approach to so called ‘bootcamps’. Instead of a lot of bodyweight movements, we focus on proper materials that not only challenge the body, but also the mind. We are creating new neural pathways with every new move, and improving your mind/body connection. You will not only get a workout, you will improve the connection with your body. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun too!


Personal training is a unique interaction between coach and client. Your goals are the first priority. Sometimes, however, there is a deeper question or issue behind those goals. We will improve your mind/body connection, your movement skills, your diet, and make you more mindful while training. The inevitable result will be weight loss, muscle gain, and fluent moves. The most important thing, however, is that you will feel more comfortable in your skin. That will make all the difference. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free intake were we will discuss your goals and in what way I can help you.