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The Art of the Mace

Ignite your inner warrior

Are you ready to invite and ignite your inner warrior? Based upon ancient warrior training, the mace and clubs are here to revolutionise the way you train. You’ll no longer be tied to fixed movement patterns, you’ll learn to how to create freedom in movement.

All ranges of motion

Nowadays, a lot of the strength training is based upon linear movement patterns completely neglecting the rotational aspect of movement. The mace and clubs are rotational tools which exercises require the entire body to be effectively activated during the movements. You’ll build strength in all ranges of motion, with a specific focus on shoulders and arms.

Yin & Yang

All though the tools look like very masculine tools to wield, it actually requires softening to be most effective. Timing, coordination, balance, and spatial awareness are required to master the mace and its weight. Don’t be fooled, a 4kg mace and a set of 1kg light clubs will humble the strongest among us and will reveal weaknesses in your kinetic chain.

Dutch Flow Academy

During the workshop you’ll learn about the Dutch Flow Method. This is a unique approach that will teach you how to approach swinging movements with a solid foundation. Having understood the mechanics mentally and physically we will move forward to teaching you the fundamental swings and movements that are key to the mace and clubs. Mastering one swing will translate into all the other swings that follow. At the end you’ll learn how to connect swings and create flows. This will challenge you mentally and physically and will eventually create a flow state, which will feel amazing and refreshing.

"Flow is being completely involved in an activity for its own sake. The ego falls away. Time flies. Every action, movement, and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz."

What to expect

- Connect to your body in a deeper way - Learn how to swing the mace - Gain strength in unfamiliar places - Find flow and freedom in movement - Improve mobility and coordination - Feel like a warrior

Gada & Indian Clubs Workshop

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harbert egberts
Harbert Egberts


Harberts life changed dramatically when he reached the age of 21. After a tough breakup he was forced to look deeply at himself for the first time. This altered his state of consciousness as he now shifted from a mindset of scarcity and victimhood to an empowered human being that was able to transform himself through action and discipline. He decided to not pursue his laid out university career and follow his passion instead: personal development, fitness and philosophy. This led him to start Dutch Flow Academy in 2017 and teach people how to move and use unconventional tools. Around that time he discovered the mace and started to train and coach with it. Soon enough he traveled to India and the USA to learn more about this amazing tool and its history. This propelled him on a journey of teaching workshops all around the world, creating online courses, go to India five more times, and now teach the certification of Dutch Flow Academy. He's now a well known and respected coach in the swinging arts. The journey is still unfolding and he can't wait to have you on board and help spread the art of the mace.

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