Group Training

steel mace group training

Group Training

Outdoor group training & Bootcamp with Maces, Indian Clubs and Bodyweight exercises. We are creating new neural pathways with every new move, and improving your mind/body connection. You will not only get a workout, you will improve the connection with your body. Oh, and it’s a lot of fun too!

Right now we’re training one time each week. Do you have a group of people and would like to start a bootcamp with them? Do contact me!

private group training

Functional Harbeats also has an option that allows you to train with your group of choice. Group training with your colleague organised by your employer? Or small group training with a select group of friends? A single group training as a fun thing to do? Indoor or outdoor? It is all possible within Functional Harbeats. Send me an email with your idea and we’ll find a way to make it possible!