Personal Training

one-on-one Personal Training

Interested in a more personal touch? There are two options to work more closely with me. The first one is direct personal training where we’ll work with your specific goals, which can vary greatly. Some might want to focus on technique and skill, others have different goals like weight loss, or more strength. Depending on the goal I will decide which direction we’ll take. This also means that I do not exclude traditional strength or conditioning. If that is what’ll do the job, I’m all for that. The current location is Amsterdam, but because of technology it is also possible to have online personal training. For rates and packages do not hesitate to contact me.

The other option to work me more closely is through calls that you can obtain when purchasing a course. I’ve often witnessed an exponential growth in individuals after just one call. It is those small details that can make a huge difference in your journey through an online program. Check out the current courses and rates.

Menno Moerkamp

I've known Harbert for a few years now and have always admired his approach to physical and mental fitness. I mean come on, look at that damn viking… So when I was struggling with a shoulder and hip injury, and wanted to strengthen my body after neglecting it during the COVID-lockdowns, I knew exactly who to turn to! When you work with Harbert, you will never be bored. You will collaborate with him to find out exactly what you need and why you need it. To do this, he uses his broad knowledge and experience and applies multiple methods to get the best out of your body and mind. In my case, we worked with body weight training, mace and kettlebell training, but also with cold exposure and trigger point therapy. Not to mention the endless philosophical discussions we had before and after training. Not only is he a capable trainer, he is also an inspiring coach. He knows better than anyone that body and mind are inextricably linked, which is exactly why Harbert can support you in a great physical, mental (and spiritual, if you’re into that) development. Anyway, highly recommended!

"We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then, is not an act, but a habit"

- Aristotle-

Wouter van den Hoven

Harbert has helped me kickstart my fit lifestyle and it couldn’t have been better! Before I started training with Harbert I was out of shape and not comfortable in the gym. By teaching me about exercising, nutrition, and mobility, in combination with pushing me to my limits, he has helped me change into a person that loves being active and that wants to constantly improve himself. Within weeks I already made huge progress: Physically I felt much fitter, stronger, and lost a good amount of fat, and mentally I was a lot more confident and able to push myself to my limits.
Harbert helped me achieve all this by taking the time and effort to create a diverse program that really fitted me, and by explaining why and how the things we did worked. He is a really genuine person who has a lot of knowledge about the mind and body and knows how to teach that, but also inspire and motivate you with it. Next to that Harbert is also a great guy to have a chat with outside of training, I can highly recommend him as your personal trainer!