Benefits of Mace Training

mace and club training

The mace can play as much or as little of a role in your training as you want, and it can be used to achieve almost any fitness goal. You can use it as an addition to the barbell and other free-weight
training, or as the sole piece of exercise equipment in your home gym. When you buy a steel mace, you get the following.


Your muscles will only do what your central nervous system commands. You probably felt strange the first time you did a squat, a jiu-jitsu technique, or a dance move—wobbly or out of control. That’s because your nervous system couldn’t figure out how to get your muscles to move smoothly. As you repeated the movement, your nervous system learned how to better coordinate the actions of your muscles, and your performance improved.


Greater neural activation will result in improved overall movement. If years of sagittal plane-only training have caused you to run, shuffle, and turn like a clumsy robot in sports, the mace can help
you move more like a jungle panther.


An offset load is one of the great features that most of the Onnit Academy unconventional fitness tools share. The kettlebell, sandbag, and steel club are all distinguished by having the majority of their weight located away from the handle, making them more difficult to stabilize and control when lifted. The steel mace provides the most offset loading of any of these implements. As a result, the strain on your core and grip is unparalleled.


“Dysfunction hides in rotation.” On their first day of training, most people can perform a basic single-plane press or squat exercise without difficulty. Still, even experienced athletes struggle to
maintain form when a rotational component is added to their exercise. Consider a basic lunge versus a lunge in which you twist your torso as far as you can in the direction of your forward leg. Which one do you think will be more difficult to perform without your legs wobbling, your back knee touching the floor, or your torso bending to one side?

“When your nervous system detects that you’re stable,” Wolf explains, “it allows you more range of motion,” including rotational movements. In other words, if you want to improve, you must first work on not allowing things to turn you.

When it comes to rotational and swinging exercises, there is no better tool for the job than the mace. As versatile as a kettlebell is, you can only swing it front to back and side to side, and while the steel club functions as a miniature mace, it lacks the different grip positions that the steel mace does, which provides greater training variety—so the mace stands alone for multi-purpose rotational training.


If you can’t get excited about going to the gym and lifting weights from point A to point B, the mace might be the thing that finally motivates you to work out. Because of its origins as a weapon, using it makes you feel like a warrior.

Here Are A List Of The Top 5 Steel Mace Training Benefits
● Increase Grip Strength, Shoulder Strength, and Mobility
● Increases Rotational and Total Body Strength
● Cardiovascular Fitness
● Movements on Multiple Planes

1. Improve Grip Strength

One of the most overlooked aspects of strength training is grip strength. Good grip strength is the foundation of healthy shoulders and is required in everyday situations.

Grip strength is required for basic tasks such as carrying shopping bags, sports such as rock climbing or wrestling, and foundational strength exercises such as pull-ups, deadlifts, and rows. Many people’s weakest link is grip strength, and improving grip strength will often result in greater gains elsewhere in their training.

Most macebells have thick handles that are great for developing forearm and grip strength. Any exercise involving a mace bell automatically becomes a grip exercise. The forearm flexors and extensors are constantly challenged in a tight-tight-loose fashion due to the dynamic nature of exercises like the 10-2, 360, bullwhip, and mills. Because of the uneven load, even basic strength exercises like bent-over rows and military presses will result in gains in grip strength.

2. Increase Shoulder Strength And Mobility

The shoulder girdle is a complicated arrangement of bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. As a result, the shoulder girdle is particularly prone to injury. Strong, healthy shoulders are required for all upper body push and pull exercises. Any shoulder girdle injury will severely limit a person’s training regimen. As a result, a trainee’s long-term success is dependent on developing strong, healthy shoulders. Swinging the macebell through its full range of motion will help to strengthen the ligaments, tendons, and muscles while also improving shoulder mobility.

3. Builds Rotational Strength And Total Body Strength

The mace bell can be used to condition every muscle by performing large push/pull multi-joint exercises. The mace bell, like the kettlebell, is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to challenge the entire body. Because of the large swinging cross-body rotational exercises, the mace bell is excellent for rotational and anti-rotational strength through mace bell acceleration and deceleration.

4. Cardiovascular Conditioning

Macebell workouts combined with traditional exercises like the 360 and 10-2 will raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health. The versatility of the macebell lends itself to flow workouts, in which three or more exercises are performed one after the other without rest. The main Steel Mace exercises focus on movements, which means strengthening groups of muscles rather than just one.

5. Multi-Planar Movements

In contrast to most traditional resistance training methods, most Steel Mace exercises tend to work in all three planes of motion:
● Sagittal (forwards/backward and up/down)
● Frontal (side-to-side)
● Transverse (rotation)
This is especially useful because the human body naturally moves in all three planes in three dimensions. Functional exercises help people cope with the demands of their work or sports environment. The level of functionality is determined by what you do on a daily basis.

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