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The Flowing Dutchman is coming back to Zevenaar for the last time! Unfortunately the church will close, but luckily we’ll one more opportunity for a workshop in Zevenaar. On Saturday the 9th of March 2024 head coach Harbert will teach a full day workshop on Indian Clubs (light clubs) and Mace Flow (light mace). This is your chance to learn an extensive and unique perspective on clubs and maces from one of the most experienced and knowledgable teachers in the world.


For the Mace Flow part we’re going to focus on techniques that are designed for relatively lighter maces. You’re going to learn a comprehensive system, the Dutch Flow Method, to help you understand the mace in a complete sense. We’re going to dive deep into fundamental swings and exercises and will apply the foundations to them. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and be corrected in your technique. After this workshop you’ll be competent in the basics of the mace, and will have a good idea of how to progress and use the system for that. Training with mace flow will spark your creativity in movement while developing your strength, conditioning, balance, coordination, and a lot more.

Training with Indian Clubs is an ancient sport/art form that focusses on the whole arm, the shoulders, and the core as primary movers. These relatively light clubs are an English adaptation on the wooden clubs they saw in India and from there an infinite amount of variety of swinging motions was created. Training with Indian Clubs is a combination of coordination, strength, mobility, proprioception, and spacial awareness, which train the body and the mind at the same time. In this workshop you’ll learn the vital foundations to approach these clubs, you’ll learn key exercises, and finally you’ll learn how to transition between different


This workshop is for both beginners and experienced practitioners. This is because the theory behind the Indian Clubs and Mace Flow is most important for you to understand how swings move from one to another and how you can create your own style of swinging. It will help if you have experience in the amount of weight you can use and how quickly you can adapt, but beginners are definitely able to do it too. Both parts start from the beginning and you’ll be able to follow along easily. Furthermore there is a variety of clubs and gada’s/maces available on the day of the workshop.


Harbert has been coaching groups and clients for over 7 years with the mace and  clubs. He went to India six times to discover the history of the mace and wooden clubs. He was also taught by worlds best Indian club teachers and is now spreading the word all over the world.


The workshop will start at 09:30 and will end at 17:00. The location is at Functional Fitness: Entrance 3, Babberichseweg 23, Zevenaar, Netherlands. We will have a break for lunch, which will be offered. If you have specific dietary requirements it’s best to bring some food for yourself, just in case.

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