101 + Mace Masterclass Series

mace masterclass + mace flow 101

101 + Mace Masterclass Series


Get Access to the complete Mace Masterclass and the Mace Flow 101 Program for a great offer! The Mace Flow 101 is designed for beginners to teach you the first steps in mace training. It is also the perfect course to go through if you feel insecure if you’re ready for the Mace Masterclass Series. The Mace Masterclass Series is the largest program ever made for the mace (probably for any fitness tool) with educational content up to 12 hours long.

Mace Masterclass Series Description. This program is divided into 9 Series:

  1. Foundations: The gist of the mace, the foundations that all other series sprout from. You will have to go through the Foundations before starting any of the other series. Learn the fundamental guidelines and philosophy of the mace. Learn how to pivot and how to lunge.
  2. Traditional Series: Focusses on more traditional style swings at the end of the handle of the mace. In this series we’ll discuss multiple variations with one or two hands that grip the mace at the end of the handle, Position 1. Don’t be fooled, it might be called traditional, but you’ll encounter plenty of new swings and variations in this Series.
  3. Modern Series: Delves deep into Position 2, and 3 of the mace, exploring many possibilities and crossovers with Series 1. This means holding the mace not at the bottom, but in the middle and close to the globe of the mace. We’ll transfer skills learned in the first Series to this Series.
  4. Dagger Grip Series: Focusses solely on the Dagger Grip and all of its variations. The Dagger Grip means holding the mace with your thumb away from the globe. This is a completely new segment in mace flow and will blow your mind.
  5. Whirlwind Series: Defy gravity with Series 5. Focusses on direction 3, everything that moves around the body. The transverse plane means that the momentum of the mace moves around the body instead of aligned with your feet.
  6. Cradle Grip and Dagger Grip Series: In the last series we’ll focus on the Cradle Grip and the Sword Grip. This Series uses some of the movements from the prior Series and combines them with the Cradle, and Sword Grip. These are advanced grips, but oh so much fun once mastered. It is advised to go through the prior series before trying this one.
  7. Shoulder Series: In this Series we’ll uncover some of the insights Harbert has had about moving the mace over your shoulders. You’ll learn even more variations of 360s and Uppercuts. This will make your knowledge of where your mace is moving to complete and will solidify your swings.
  8. Dual Wield Series: It single exercises from the first 6 series, but adds a new component. You will now be able to perform these exercises with two maces at the same time! I know, it sounds scary, dangerous and way too difficult. However, just like in the prior series all the swings are broken down into digestible steps and this will make you strong and brave enough to start working with two maces. I’m a 100% certain of that and very excited to share these steps with you. 
  9. Final Flow Series: in which you will get an idea as to how to combine different exercises and techniques you’ve learned in the first 6 series. It offers 8 complete flows dissected into two parts for you to make it easier to learn them. To learn the flows comprehensively we’ve added workout suggestions to the series for you to get solid physical workout of the program, but also to really embody the flows. Similar to the 6 Week Workout Program. Once you’ve mastered the Final Flow Series, you are ready to create your own flows from the content you’ve learned through the complete Masterclass.

The program is geared towards building a solid structure with a lot of key moves to prove this point. It’s meant as a guide along your journey towards mastery of the mace. This means that you will not be able to complete every one of the exercises the first time you watch them. Every video about an exercise starts simple and becomes complex as the video progresses. It is therefore not a program that requires you to finish a particular movement, before progressing to the next. This also allows you to skip any move that seems out of reach at the moment.

Difficulty. It is not necessary to complete any other mace program before starting the Mace Masterclass. There is, however, no restraint in difficulty in this program. So it’s to be expected that not every move you go fluently the first time you practice it. Mastery of the Mace requires disciplined practice, and this program is a guide along that journey.

Length. The program has no time limit. This means you’ll always be able to come back to it, to give you a new insight or movement. The course has eight hours of material, and the videos (apart from the Foundations) can viewed separately from each other.

101 + Mace Masterclass Series

Get direct access to Mace Flow 101, and the complete Mace Masterclass Series 1-9. Become the master of momentum with a mace.



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