Mace Beginner Series

Have you seen videos of people training with a mace and thought: How would that feel? Have you recently bought a mace, but no clue where to start? Have you taught yourself some moves, but never actually had class or a coach? If you answered yes on one of those questions, this series is perfect for you!

This series is relevant for different forms of mace training. The concepts are relevant even for people that are not directly interest in Mace Flow. it will teach you key concepts, transitions and exercises. It will finally teach you how to combine exercises too. The series has a natural build up:

  • Starting with mobility specifically designed for mace training. Learn how to mobilize and warm-up your joints and muscles.
  • Next we will discuss the mace, a little bit about it’s history and some key concepts that are relevant to training with a mace.
  • We move over to key transitions that are relevant for mace training and the upcoming exercises.
  • The next part will involve 4 important exercises that are crucial for understanding the mace. The Front 360, the Lunge, the 360, and the Shield Squat.
  • In the last video we will combine the formerly learned exercises together into a flow/complex.

This beginner series is shot in Yogdham, which is located in Rohtak, India.

Once completed, you will receive a certificate of completion for this course.

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Difficulty: Beginner


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What Others Have Said

Jun 15, 2022
Easy to understand and follow. Excited to make progress!

Doing this with my wife and we are both thoroughly enjoying it. His instruction is simple and to the point. I am excited to see where we go after this beginner course! Highly recommend to get your feet in the ground.

Yimis Farfán Lentini
Sep 27, 2021
Super cool !

After this basic practice I keep myself motivated to continue by my own, I hope very soon to be enrolled in a live advanced module with Harbert! Thank you!

Jun 25, 2021
Excellent, Economical, Easy, and Enjoyable Beginner’s Course

I was able to follow along without prior training experience with a mace/gada. The videos are well-produced and well-performed. The explanations were easy to understand and the steps easy to follow. The program is affordably priced and a good value for money. I recommend this without hesitation.


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  1. I’m confused by the multitude of courses available. I’m a thin guy early thirties without fitness experience. Where do I begin and how long do I gain access to all of these courses. Also, I reside in a country where the videos may be inaccessible without a VPN and sometimes they are unreliable. Is there any way to check this before purchasing? More information would be welcome. Thanks!

    1. Hey Shawn, thank you for your interest. The best course to begin with is mace flow 101 or the beginner series. The 101 is somewhat more extensive in its foundations and applicable exercises, but the beginner series also shows you the first steps of getting used to swinging a mace. All courses come with lifetime access at the moment. We use youtube (beginner series and friday flow series) or vimeo (the rest of the courses) for our videos. When those are available in your country you shouldn’t have any issues. Hope that helps.

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Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner