Gada / Mace SIX

Welcome to Gada / Mace SIX. The Six Week Workout Program for the Gada / Mace. This course is specifically designed to suit heavier, longer maces. This course is the key stepping stone for anyone who has gone through Gada / Mace 101 and wants to learn more. 

About Gada/Mace Six. 

In six weeks you’re going expand your knowledge, skill, and physical capability using the Gada / Mace. People seem to struggle with variety in training with heavy or long maces. It requires quite a lot of coordination, and skill to handle a mace like that and this course will make you able to perform the movements in a safe way and will create a solid foundation for you to improve in weight and complexity. This course is designed as a stand-alone course, although the tempo of the course is a bit much for someone who has never touched a mace before.

That’s why Gada / Mace 101 is the best way to start your journey with the Gada / Mace. This course will take you through six weeks/stages with three workouts, which all work toward a final flow. Every week we will increase the complexity and this will involve new exercises, combinations, and flows. Through the course, you’ll build your skill with the Gada / Mace and work up to one-handed swing variations.


Gada / Mace SIX will greatly improve your ability to swing a heavy Mace or Gada. It will build up coordination in combination with the endurance to swing maces technically correctly and for a long time. Furthermore, it will also teach you how to combine swings into movement patterns (flows). What makes the six-week course unique is that you’ll get the added benefit of spending a lot of time with the mace in your practice. The workouts are elaborate and intense and will challenge you. As you go through the course you’ll gain a deeper understanding of mobility and posture while performing static and dynamic exercises.

Swinging a gada is very different compared to a machine lift in the gym and will challenge your entire body to function properly. In this course, you’ll dive deep into what is possible with the Gada / Mace. You’ll learn about sewing techniques that involve different directions, shoulder swings, single and one-handed variations, and flows that will challenge most experienced swingers. This course will get you there step by step, without the risk of rushing through things too quickly and getting injured. You will also learn a unique tempo system that will add a new edge to your training routine.


This six-week workout program is labeled intermediate as it quickly dives deep into complex variations and flows. We highly recommend going through Gada / Mace 101 first as you’ll gain the right amount of knowledge and experience with the Gada / Mace to progress through this course fluidly. The course does not require any pre-knowledge, however, it is a stand-alone course. If you’re more experienced with the Gada / Mace, this course will give you the right amount of complexity to progress in your journey of skill progression.

You will also learn how to combine movements through transitions on an intermediate level. This means that throughout the weeks, the complexity will increase quite quickly. The course will challenge you, no matter how experienced you are. You will learn movements that you’ve never learned before, in a context in which you’ve never seen them before. This a unique chance and opportunity to enjoy the wonderful experience of skill mastery.


SIX says it all, six weeks or stages is what it should take minimally to go through this course. However, from other six-week courses, we know that some participants spend half a year on the course to master the material. It’s not easy material, so it will take a lot of repetition to master. Think of the program as six stages on which you can come back with different maces every time and learn something new. 


All you need is a gada / mace and the internet the access and learn from this course. We would recommend a gada / mace without knurling as we will perform sliding exercises. As far as the weight goes we would recommend a gada / mace not too heavy. Learning a new skill always works better with a lighter weight.

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