Heavy Club 101

Welcome to Heavy Club 101. It’s here, the foundation course to swing a heavy club. Inspired by the heavy clubs that are used throughout India infused with modern techniques based on kettlebell techniques Heavy Club 101 will open up an amazing spectrum of exercises.

About. In ten videos we’re going expand your knowledge, skill, and physical capability greatly with the use of a single heavy club. The aim of this course is to make you understand and perform the main exercises possible when wielding a club with two hands. It requires quite a lot of coordination, and skill to handle a relatively light club and this course will make you able to perform them in a safe way and will create a solid foundation for you to improve in weight, difficulty and possibly wielding two clubs. You’re going to learn about presses, pulls, thrusts, swings, and flows. Static exercises will move into dynamic exercises, and will finally ‘flow’ into flows which will connect all of them together.

Benefits. Heavy Club 101 will greatly improve your ability to swing a heavy club with two hands. It will build up the coordination in combination with the strength required to lift and swing a club. Furthermore it will also teach you how to combine singular exercises into movement patterns (flows). As you go through the course you’ll gain a deeper understanding of mobility and posture while performing static and dynamic exercises. Swinging a club is very different compared to a machine lift in the gym and will challenge your entire body to function properly.

Difficulty. It’s a 101 course, which means it’s basically an introduction/beginner course. It starts all the way at the beginning of the heavy club journey. However, you will not just learn a few movements. Every video has multiple exercises and the course increases in difficulty as you progress. You will not be where you where when you started the course, that’s for sure. This course is vital before attempting more difficult programs or exercises as it will build a solid foundation of strength and understanding for swinging a heavy club.

Length. Every video as a certain amount of reps that are needed to be performed before moving onwards. You can see every video as a single workout in and of itself. Some will complete it within 1-2 weeks if they’re eager and learn quickly. Others might take 2-3 weeks depending on the willingness to push through.

Requirements. All you need is access to the internet and a heavy club. You can use any club that is approximately 50-80cm in length, and weighs 3kg or more. It should be a club with a handle that will fit both of your hands, a two-handed club. The material can be steel, iron, or wood. A heavy club can have different names, but it’s usually referred to steel club, clubbell, bulava, mudgar or karlakattai.

Still doubting if this course is the one for you? You can read through the other courses or contact us at info@dutchflowacademy.com.

Beautiful and reliable information!
This is a perfect course if you want to get an introduction and learn in a fast and accurate maner. I’ve trained kettlebells and clubbells for 15 years and this is the kind of courses that I have always been looking for. Harbert is the best source for clubbells!!!” – Jeronimo Milo

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Difficulty: Beginner


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Jan 5, 2024
Super useful and easy to understand and practice

so grateful to complete this course - I'm practicing swinging quite a bit and still lots of movements and information were very helpful and interesting! Thanks Harbert for your passion and determination!

Oct 15, 2022
Beautiful and reliable information!

This is a perfect course if you want to introduce and learn in a faster an acurrete maner. Ive trained kettlebells and clubbells for 15 years and this is the kind of courses thath I allways been looking for. Harbert is the best source for clubbells!!!

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Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner