Mace Flow Workshop Madrid 13/04/23

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Dutch Flow Academy is coming to Spain! On Saturday the 13th of April we’ll dive deep into the art of the mace in the amazing T-Center gym in Madrid. The workshop will start at 9am and will finish approximately 2pm. This five hour workshop will teach you more than just the basics. You’ll dive deep into a range of movements and adaptations with a clear idea of how to progress.

Mace Flow Workshop

In this gym you’ll have the opportunity to work three hours on the foundations and important techniques of the mace. Work with one of the most complete movement tools available, learning the mechanics of a swing, and how to use the mace to increase strength, coordination, mobility, posture and a lot more. This workshop will change your view of movement, of your body, and of fitness tools in general.

Dutch Flow Academy

During the workshop you’ll learn about the Dutch Flow Method. This is a unique approach that will teach you how to approach swinging movements  with a solid foundation. Having understood the mechanics mentally and physically we will move forward to teaching you the fundamental swings and movements that are key to the mace. Mastering one swing will translate into all the other swings that follow. At the end you’ll learn how to connect swings and create flows. This will challenge you mentally and physically and will eventually create a flow state, which will feel amazing and refreshing. 

What to expect

  • Connect to your body in a deeper way
  • Learn how to swing the mace
  • Gain strength in unfamiliar places
  • Find flow and freedom in movement
  • Improve mobility and coordination
  • Feel like a warrior
  • It’s extremely fun to do!


The workshop will start at 9am and will last for approximately five hours. Make sure you’ve had proper breakfast because we will move a lot during the workshop. This workshop is for both beginners and more experienced swingers. Equipment will be available, but if you have maces it would be great if you can bring them with you. There’s never enough maces ;). The address is: C. Informática, 6, 28923 Alcorcón, Madrid, Spanje. Payment in cash is also possible, just make sure to contact us through

Dive deeper than you’ve done with the mace with one of the most experienced coaches in this field. Unleash your inner warrior and join us on the 13th of April!


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