Level 1 Mace Instructor Certification Spain

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We, as Dutch Flow Academy, are proud to announce the Level 1 Mace Certification in which coaches will be educated to become mace instructors. The upcoming Mace Instructor Certification will be in El Puerto de Santa María in the weekend of the 5-7th of April.

Our mission

As you might know from experience learning the mace is not as easy as it seems and teaching it is a whole other level of complexity. The possibilities of training with a mace are endless and this creates a lot of confusion to the uninitiated mind. Startingfrom scratchcan be a process of trial and error that may take years to master. Dutch Flow Academy is on a journey to spread the awareness and quality of mace training instruction all over the world. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of education to provide flow in your training and in your life. We’re dedicated to empowering our students to become expert instructors, raising the bar of quality coaching in the vast ocean of fitness and health. This will benefit many in their ability to coordinate, move and coach and create a ripple effect that will affect countless individuals.

Three Phases

Phase 1

The initial phase of the Mace Instructor Certification Course is done online and before the start of phase 2, the certification weekend. It involves completing two online courses, Mace Flow 101 and Gada – Mace 101. You’ll be required to finish both courses before the start of the certification weekend and send us two videos that will show the effort you’ve put into completing the courses. This is a mandatory step in the process and if not successfully completed you will not be able to join phase 2. The prerequisite online courses will teach you the fundamental movements and ways to approach the mace. The courses and their completion are mandatory because we are looking for dedicated students who will be able to soak in all the information during the certification weekend. Having gone through a process of learning yourself will greatly benefit your ability to pick up knowledge during the weekend. We also believe in that your own skill and understanding should be proficient enough before starting to coach others through the process.

Phase 2

On the weekend of the 5-7th of April we’ll host the Certification in El Puerto de Santa María in Spain. This will be immersive weekend including food and accommodation. The weekend starts on Friday the 5th of March and you’ll be sorted until Sunday the 7th around 16:00-17:00. We’ll start at 15:00 on Friday. During this weekend we’re going to dive deep into the material of the certification course. Three days of education, exploration, and testing. We will complete the certification with a test that you’ll need to complete before the end of the weekend and before you’ll receive your certificate. During the rest of the weekend we’ll spend time getting to know each other, diving deep into our bodies using breath work and mobility and have an overal fantastic time. The idea of the weekend is to immerse deeply into the course material and have an amazing off-grid experience with a group of people passionate about the exact same thing with the same purpose in mind.

Phase 3

You’re going to leave the weekend with a feeling of having been immersed in a new reality concerning training and knowledge. This feeling, however, is going to fade once you enter your usual day to day routines. To keep the knowledge and the experience intact, we’ll organise two online sessions for the group to ask questions and to bring back some of the experiences. As for the knowledge part, we’ve shot the entire certification on video and will be able to share those tapes with you to review after the weekend. The syllabus that’s included in the certification is elaborate and will give you all the details needed in written format.

Why Choose Us?

We believe that this instructor certification course is the most comprehensive and in-depth training that is available for the mace in the entire world. The cutting edge movement science, coaching cues, training methods, and mace foundations delivers something that has not been done before.

The amount of expert instruction and information inside this Level 1 Mace Instructor Certification is simply second to none. We’re deeply passionate and skilled in what we teach, and cannot wait to pass on the torch to you. We’re sure it will impact your life and the life of your clients in a deeply positive way. This is your chance to become part of the first Dutch Flow Academy Level 1 Mace Instructors.

More information? Download the Certification Syllabus here.

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